Call for Contribution for the “Dialogue et Paix” Academic Journal of the Fondation Félix Houphouët-Boigny for Peace Research

Africa is today the most conflict-ridden region in the world, due to the persistence and multiplication of armed conflicts, recurrent crises for the conquest of power and exploitation of resources, the development of terrorism and the religious extremism, maritime piracy, cross-border crime, threats due to global warming.

Faced with this endemic situation of insecurity and violence, it is necessary to carry out a scientific reflection in order to grasp the causes, the stakes and the challenges.

Foreign researchers have a certain priority in this field by the multiplicity of their scientific writings and the valuation of their expertise. However, security issues are a growing field of interest for African researchers. Studies and research are being initiated, and fora, such as the Forum on Peace and Security in Africa, allow exchanges between actors, decision-makers and researchers.

Essential aspects of these phenomena are still little studied, such as the relationship with political and economic situations, the organizational strategies and modalities of political violence, the situation of youth, the theoretical and strategic tools for the definition of a policy of security.

Faced with this observation, the Félix Houphouët-Boigny Foundation for Peace Research, in partnership with the Institut Afrique Monde, intends to make "Security Challenges in Africa", the central theme of a special issue of its academic journal " Dialogue and Peace ". To this end, it is launching a call for contributions to all researchers and intellectuals interested in this theme.

The proposed articles can be organized around three thematic axes:

Thematic section 1: "State-of-the-art African research on security issues and challenges"

The articles will focus on the state of research at the theoretical and methodological level, on empirical analyzes, on research directions.

Thematic section 2: "The security challenges"

The main security challenges will be addressed in this section:

Armed conflicts, community conflicts, political conflicts (elections, conflicts of leadership, political instability), terrorism and religious fundamentalism, maritime piracy, cross-border crime (arms trafficking, trafficking in illegal drugs and human beings), cybercrime, exploitation of resources, global warming.

The articles will be able to address these issues in a synthetic way or through case studies.

Thematic Section 3: "Responses to Security Challenges and Challenges"

Conflict prevention, analysis of different military interventions, security policies implemented at the continental and regional level, social development (the situation of youth, education and training, employment) will be given priority. Strategic and forward-looking thinking can be another way of addressing this issue.

Proposals for articles (3000-6000 words maximum (12 to 24 pages), spaces, bibliography and notes included on paper or entered in software, Word format) must be sent no later than July 31, 2016 to Jean-Noël Loucou , director of the journal "Dialogue et Paix" (refereed journal).

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