Diplomatic Success for Benin: Remarkable Support of the OIF for “Peace Through Another Way”

In the aftermath of the horrible terrorist tragedy that has just occurred in Egypt (more than 300 dead in a mosque!), The high authorities of the OIF (International Organization of La Francophonie), gathered in Paris on November 25 and 26, 2017 in plenary session unanimously adopted a resolution proposed by the Government of Benin to support this institution with the project "Peace by another way".

The "Peace Through Another Way" project promoted by Benin through the Pan-African Center for Social Prospective (CPPS), located in Porto-Novo, was launched with the support of the African Union, UNESCO and many other institutions in May 2015 at an international symposium in Cotonou which dedicated an African Education Initiative to peace and development through inter-religious and intercultural dialogue, supported by joint social actions of the associated religions for eradication of poverty.

A compass idea of this project holds the general attention

"Failing to place a soldier behind each citizen to ensure its protection, the only credible and sustainable option remains that - essential - to strengthen all the mechanisms of LIVING TOGETHER, despite all differences."

Among other achievements, the project "Peace by another way" has started in Porto-Novo, capital of Benin, "A House of Peace" in which spaces of prayer and dialogue - Christian sanctuary - Myriam mosque, Mother of Jesus - temple of the spirit for all other expressions of spirituality - will welcome worshipers and leaders of all cultures and religions.

It will be installed in the vicinity of the house of peace, a fountain of drinking water accessible to the neighbors of the village and symbolizing the need to conquer together the "MINIMUM COMMON SOCIAL", unique chance of a sincere and lasting peace.

OPENING THE DOORS OF "THE HOUSE OF PEACE" on March 19, 2018, is the ardent prayer of the promoters of the project "Peace by another way".

For more information, please visit the project site "Peace by another way": www.lapaixparunautrechemin.org

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