Culture of Peace, Africa

Dear Friends for a Culture of Peace,

In the spirit of the new year 2018, we would like to keep you informed of UNESCO’s actions in favor of a Culture of Peace in Africa!

Our action is part of the implementation of the “Intersectoral and Interdisciplinary Action Program for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence”. The “Plan of Action for a Culture of Peace in Africa”, adopted in Luanda (Angola) in March 2013, provides the frame of reference: objectives, general recommendations and proposals for action.

Other initiatives promoted by UNESCO, following the Luanda Forum, have shown that, more than ever, the Culture of Peace represents the foundation on which the African continent should base its development by 2030.

All these initiatives are gathered in the second edition of the brochure “Africa – Culture of Peace” (French only), which you will find on the website of the Africa Department, not to constitute an encyclopedia of completed actions, but to draw a path, indicating a direction to build the Africa of tomorrow, that stems from the vision of Agenda 2063: “Building an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, led by its own citizens, and representing a dynamic force on the world stage”, in particular on young people.

The purpose of this booklet is to inspire ongoing reflection on the issues of peace and sustainable development in Africa.

We wish you a good reading and we thank you for your comments and suggestions. Please do not hesitate to send us articles and pictures of activities on Culture of Peace implemented by your Bureau/ Office for greater visibility on our AFR Website.

Thank you for your commitment to the Pan-African Movement for a Culture of Peace in Africa!

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