Presentation of the Network

The Network came into being at the end of the Addis Ababa meeting on 20-21 September 2013 with a view to “creating a Continental and Sustainable Peace Movement capable of mobilizing African States, private sector, African artists and leaders, international organizations and regional development actors, as well as NGOs and grassroots associations” (point 4.1 of the Luanda Action Plan adopted at the Forum on “Sources and Resources for a Culture of Peace” March 2013). It is currently composed of forty-four (44) African and non-African organizations listed here.

Its objectives are:

  • Coordinate the respective actions of the members of the network in order to ensure a clear vision of common practices and a pooling of resources and means of action;
  • Increase the visibility of organizations and their activities among citizens and national and international institutions;
  • Contribute to the implementation of the Luanda Plan of Action through the development and implementation of joint programs;
  • To work towards the implementation of the African Union Agenda 2063 and UNESCO’s Intersectoral Program for a Culture of Peace;
  • Expand the network to African and non-African organizations pursuing the same objectives.

Concretely, the first common initiatives proposed concern the setting up of a web platform for the creation of a community of practices among the member organizations of the network. More information here.

Who can get involved? How?

The Network’s raison d’être is to aggregate all foundations and research institutions willing to share, share and get involved together to develop the tools that will help build lasting peace in Africa. We warmly invite you to get in touch with our teams to commit to our side.

Join us.