Antoinette Montaigne: “The Central African Republic needs quickly the Truth, Justice, Reparation, Reconciliation Commission to rebuild the Living Together.”

Antoinette Montaigne, Former Minister of National Reconciliation in the Central African Republic

Justice, national reconciliation in the Central African Republic, living together, secularism. These are themes that today are questioning the French, but they also concern many countries. The Central African Republic is hardly emerging from a period of near-civil war and, at the very least, anarchy. France intervened with Operation Sangaris and the international community with the device of the Minusca.

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CPNN (Culture of Peace News Network) bulletin of September 1, 2016


Once again this month, we find cities in the lead for the various componens of a culture of peace, including sustainable development, tolerance and solidarity, democratic participation, peace activism and disarmament.

Before going into detail, we should celebrate the formal signing of the peace accord for Colombia, which has been under negotiation for several years and which has been followed, step-by-step, by CPNN, as well as the progress towards a peace accord to end 47 years of war between the government of the Philippines and the communist movement National Democratic Front.

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