Press release of the Mandela Institute on the International Conference on “The Challenges of the Opposition in Africa” of November 4, 2017 in Paris

International conference on “the stakes of the opposition in Africa”

Saturday, November 4, 2017 in Paris

The Mandela Institute is organizing an International Conference on “The Challenges of the Opposition in Africa”, on November 4, 2017 in Paris. Its aim is to reflect, with political actors and civil society, on a peaceful democratic governance approach in order to avoid post-electoral conflicts that are very damaging to Africa’s development. It is a constructive dialogue between the Power, the Opposition and the Civil Society on the consolidation of democratic institutions and the construction of a just society.

The Mandela Institute is part of the fight for peace in Africa. It is in this context that it invites political actors (power and opposition) and those of civil society to reflect on the consolidation of democratic institutions in Africa. The aim is to organize free, transparent, credible and peaceful elections to prevent Africa from delaying the development process by the endless destruction / reconstruction game. To this end, the Mandela Institute stresses that elections should no longer be opportunities for violence and destruction of countries.

Thus, it strongly encourages influential actors from the Hemisphere to actively participate in this Conference on November 4, 2017, to present their vision of building democratic, strong and prosperous nations.

Topics and Program of the day

9 am-10:30 am:  From the opposition of settlement of the accounts to the Opposition of proposal of the projects of society

11 am-12:30 pm: The management of the political alternation

2:30 pm-4 pm:    Legal status of the Opposition

4:30 pm-6 pm:    From the confusion to the clarification of differentiation of the Opposition and Civil Society

Access is free and free upon registration at: before October 25 stating the name, first name, function / profession, date and place of birth (Obligation Vigipirate Plan).

All proposals for intervention or participation are welcome.

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