CPNN (Culture of Peace News Network) bulletin of August 1, 2016


History is not always reflected in the headlines of the mass media. Sometimes it is the "slow news" – events that are not considered newsworthy – that accumulate and change the course of history. A good example is slow but steady progress in peace education, which we salute in this month’s bulletin.

The website of the Global Campaign for Peace Education gives us a good overall view of the extent of peace education in the world today. One can begin simply with the list of their national and local endorsing organizations, who come from over 50 countries and all six continents.

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CPNN (Culture of Peace News Network) bulletin of July 1, 2016


The government of Colombia and the FARC guerilla movement have agreed on a ceasefire and plan for demobilization. The bilateral ceasefire and surrender of the weapons will begin with the signing of the final peace agreement (expected in July) and this last point will have a term development of 180 days. A monitoring group composed of delegates from the UN will be created by the FARC and the Colombian government to verify the delivery of the guns. Also announced was the creation of areas and camps for demobilized guerrillas and commitment by the authorities.

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FESA-UNESCO International Conference on the Theme “Prevention of Violence and Promotion of the Culture of Peace in the Election Period in Africa” on December 12 and 13, 2016 in Luena

It is in this symbolic city of Luena, in the province of Moxico, where the "Stop the fire" ending the Angolan civil war was signed in February 2002, that the Eduardo dos Santos Foundation (FESA) and UNESCO held an international conference on "Preventing violence and promoting the culture of peace during an election period in Africa".

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